Material Curing
Thames-Side Studios Gallery
13 - 28 Nov 2021
Thames-Side Studios, London, SE18 5NR
Archiving, assembling, balancing, binding, buffing, caressing, carrying, casting, cleaning, cruising, crying, desiring, despairing, disassembling, dragging, drawing, dreaming, dressing, drilling, drinking…*
Curing, a process in chemistry and engineering, produces a tougher, harder and more stable material. Single entities react and form a network where density increases and drives toward the end of the reaction, a solid state. Similarly, art practices that develop over time and through experimentation, production, interpretation, reiteration and rejection steer toward a solid state of meaning. However, achieving such a state in the gooey mess that is the field of art is a fallacy, and the practices of artists should rather be seen as stuck in the process of curing.
Whether it is engagement with contemporary consumerism, with ancient relics and motorway souvenirs, with notions of touch and indexical trace, with longing for the "real", or with remixing and sampling as a driving force in search for the "new", the practices of artists in this exhibition explore the boundaries of a variety of mediums, modes of production, presentation and meaning-making – always developing, continuously morphing, never fixed.
Material Curing is an exhibition curated by artist Reinis Lismanis featuring works in film, installation, painting, photography and sculpture by Katrin Hanusch, Celeste McEvoy, James William Murray, Ieva Raudsepa and Tilo & Toni.
*Extract from James Williams Murray's Studio Actions