Future's Landing

Modified LED laptop screens, trolley with two 12V batteries, webbing, rivets, cables, rain coat, overall.
Performers: Alice McCabe, Meena Chodha and Chloe Cooper.
Future’s Landing invited audiences to reflect on our culture of waste. Dressed in ‘wearable sculptures’ made from defunct LED laptop screens, the performers presented a possible future scene on Rye Lane, Peckham, where all natural material is gone and all we have left to wear are the dregs of our past production and overconsumption.

The performers completes everyday tasks, using the cash machine, buying food and interacted with the public. Over three different days, and three different routes to different locations, the public was invited to mingle with this possible futuristic scene situated between Rye Lane and my studio in New Cross Gate.

The intervention was part of the Art Licks Weekend, 17 to 19 October 2019. It was supported by the Gane Trust and realised in collaboration with Picnic Gallery.