Batty & Me, 2019

Hanusch has collected now-defunct LED laptop screens from computer repair shops around London and stripped them to their bare essentials. Disconnected from their function of computer processing visualisation, they become a raw material that fuses light and optics. These panels will be modified and connected to a solar- powered portable battery and be carried and worn together as crafted garments in public contexts. This meshing of everyday devices and clothing comments on utility and function as much as the long parallel trajectory of sculpture and technology. Much of what we see and experience today is through screens on our portable devices. This “immaterial” image is therefore turned around into artist’s materials in order to enhance its proximity to
the human body. In their second-life as an outfit, the screens enact the prosthetic function of devices but this time with their own agency. As it moves around, the screens catch and reflect sunlight through their material properties. The work itself becomes site-responsive, catching rays of light and dispersing them through the landscape.

Àngels Miralda, September 2019

This work was shown during  the exhibition as part of the International Artists’ Residency in Castellón Province, Spain (PARC). The research of the participants and the exhibition were open to the public in the Ethnologic Museum in Vall d’Alba, Spain.

You can read the full press release here ︎︎︎

Modified LED screens, solar panels, solar charge controller, cables, 12V battery

The residency was supported by Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre.
Photos @Katrin Hanusch, Lucy Tomlins, Stephanie de Leng

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