Sea Cyanotype, 2019

The blue colour and the line texture of the fabric were created by a photographic process using the light of the Sun: the fabric was treated with cyanotype chemicals while kelp and sea spaghetti blocked the light and created shadows. The initial blue colour faded and changed within days to a faint yellow as far as the sea water reached. By spanning the fabric across the cliff edge, it was exposed to natural forces — the wind and the sea played with the fabric in an ever changing way, slowly exposing different sides of its beauty.

Cotton cyanotype print using sea weed, rope

The Sea Cyanotype was commissioned by Lay of the Land during Tombolo 19, a site-responsive residency in Ireland. The work was a collaboration between myself and artist Antonia Beard, Brenda Kearney, Melanie King, Millie Egan and Sofia Arredondo.  

Photos @Katrin Hanusch, Lily Smith, Sofia Arredondo

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