Slippery Sum, 2019

Slippery Sum
Curated by Gabriel Birch

Exhibition 25th July — 4th August 2019

Featuring works by artist Gabriel Birch, Benjamin Cohen, Lloyd Durling, Katrin Hanusch, Susan Jacobs, and Charlie Yetton.

APT Gallery presents Slippery Sum, a group exhibition of painting, sculpture, installation and moving image that seeks to investigate the role of materiality as a mediator in everyday interactions.

The works in this exhibition focus on the malleability and potential for
breakdown in the most robust material or refined design. They hint at
a sense of latent life in the constructed, collected, or inanimate. The
diverse strategies of these six artistsdeal with slippery and uncertain
parameters, where the idea of control is often fleeting. Slippery Sum
re-assesses the relationships between space, material and objects,
both within the production process and the wider socio-political

APT Gallery
6 Creekside
SE8 4SA London

Installation shots and details from the exhibition Slippery Sum.

Photos @Katrin Hanusch,

All rights reserved. © Katrin Hanusch 2022