something about breaking limbs off statues, 2016

something about breaking limbs off statues
Exhibition: 10th September — 2nd October 2016

GENERATORprojects proudly presents something about breaking limbs off statues an exhibition of new works by Conor Baird, Katrin Hanusch and Uta Koslik.

Purposeful fragments, broken lines, calculated restrictions; all work to reveal hidden narrative. How do these seeming contradictions illuminate what is not disclosed to allow us to reach new levels of meaning?

Liminality is defined as a middle ground, a space and time where transformations take place; a transitional state filled with ambiguities and contradictions.

something about breaking limbs off statues brings together the positions of three artists: Conor Baird, Katrin Hanusch and Uta Koslik; whose current research and practices are committal to transitional circumstances extending through material, process and enquiry. Their work considers the state of liminality with which forms, narratives and memory are obscured and penetrated to probe into spaces of the undefined.

Through collaborative process and cumulative research Baird, Hanusch and Koslik have created a coherent body of work exploring ideas of censorship, fragment and in-betweeness. Crossing boundaries through language, identity and gender the artists don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, nor do they reduce their work to apolitical conversationalism. Through independent enquiry into material — Baird, Hanusch, and Koslik challenge contemporary culture and question its limitations, whilst drawing from personal experience.

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Installation shots from the exhibition.

Photos @Katrin Hanusch

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