The Gate, 2019

These slow fallings apart, and then these sudden ones, incredibly quick, like sudden gusts of wind. Then quiet. The big crack with its big light, then the slow imperceptible avalanche, and then these sudden fallings apart. And then the stones, grey like the fog, but still with a faint light in them instead of nothing, a little of nothing's light, so weak, so almost like ashes, so almost like glowing ashes on stone. And then the stone on stone. I am in the room behind the wall the stones are laid in, my stones, other people's stones, and there's light in there, the strong invisible light that comes across from the sky and around the stones. The light of nothingness. The light of nothingness in the stone. The light of love in the stone.

Jon Fosse, Scenes from a childhood, Fitzcarraldo Editions, London 2018.

Modified LED laptop screens,
power supply, cables
490 x 130 x 475 cm

Photos @Katrin Hanusch

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