The Magic, 2018

The Magic is made from modified LED screens culled from broken laptops collected from companies all over South East London. It is significant that the screens in The Magic are blank. The seductive advertising images that played across their surfaces have stilled, the echo chamber has been quieted. The interface has turned numb and silent, “the digital” is gone. Disconnected from the software that animates them, the screens lose meaning and value for society. The work seeks to extract the hidden magic trapped behind the screen’s usual display of information, a coloured light that glows from within the empty hardware.

The work was displayed in the group show BLANK LIONS at Bankley Gallery, Manchester featuring works by artist Linda Hemmersbach, Jack Vickridge, and Isobel Wohl.

You can read the press release here ︎︎︎

Modified LED screens, power supplies, cables, extension sockets
approx. 530 x 240 x 220 cm

Photos @Katrin Hanusch

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