The full length, 2021

The full length

I gave found and discarded thread from around the world a new purpose. I extended short pieces into one long thread that formed a pocket-sized time capsule by connecting stories and places. I recalled memories while I tied and wrapped, and from my hands, junctions, textures and pattern emerged. The resulting objects are of insignificant (material) value, but charged with the care of their making. Subsequently I cast them in bronze and gold plated them, making waste material permanent.

The full length are a series of casts that reflect on my experience of loss. The textured medals are hand-held objects that make loss palpable in a conversation with the body. The medals’ textures create rhythms like sheet music — both get activated only when they are felt, read or played, both echo moments gone, and keep them alive and contained at the same time.

Series of brass casts, enamel paint,
approx. 60 mm in diameter

Photos @Katrin Hanusch

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