Window Shopping, 2021

Window Shopping took place beside my light installation After the Curtain shown at the former Debenhams store as part of Illusionarium 2021 in Romford, London. The performers interacted with shop displays in a corner window facing Romford Market and the entrance to one of the local shopping centres. Aimed at the many passersby the light outfits made from salvaged led laptop screens created by myself and accessorised with aluminium casts and beads in collaboration with Bailey were a futuristic sight reflecting on our culture of consumerism.

Duration: 30 min

Modified led laptop screens, 12V batteries, cables, aluminium casts, rivets, webbing, D-rings, beads, displays, mirrors, skates 

Outfit: Katrin Hanusch
Accessories: Katrin Hanusch, Bailey
Performers: Bailey, Daphne Burt, Emma Sheehy

Shown at the former Debenhams store in Romford, London.

Supported by the Arts Council England. 
Photos @Alex Matraxia, Catherine Owen, Fintan Ryan

All rights reserved. © Katrin Hanusch 2022